3755 - Purion Small Tea Cup (A03H11000) CAD58.00

Size = W 76mm x D 76mm x H 90mm, 230ml, Weight: 200g. Made in Taiwan

Purion's Unique Qualities - Earthy and Natural Transformations:

The Purion, with a mixture of natural mineral ore and pottery clay, has evolved through more than 10 years of research, continuous kiln testing, multiple high-temperature oxidation, returning firing and repetitive firing. The body appears conservative and stout; creating multi-dimensional textures. Exuding a very original, natural and earthy feel.

Transformation of Tea Leaves and Tea Texture:

Purion's texture combined both Porphyries Andesite, infrared-ray, bamboo charcoal, and its effect on tea is amazing. Purion softens and smoothes the "mouth-feel" of water, and tea brewed in Purion has a wonderful long lasting fragrance. This effect is most notable with aged teas such as Pu-Er, black tea, and heavy Oolongs that have been charcoal fired.

Use and Care:

Preserving the original uniqueness of ceramic tea ware, the Purion is mainly mixed with mineral ore particles and possesses tiny air pores. Just like a tea pot, the longer the duration of use, the smoother and shiner it gets. It is recommended to refrain from using the same Purion tea ware with different liquids; especially with the mixture of liquor, tea, or coffee.